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            Club 707 has now being based in Caerphilly for the past 10 years and in partnership with many churches God has expanded our vision. Since 2015 as a Registered Charity (Number 116186) and with this 'unity' of the churches, God has guided and allowed us to do so much more for the young people in our town.

Club 707 is now supporting local 'Kids and youth clubs', running 'Holidays clubs' in different churches and having  the great opportunity to work with all 'Primary Schools' in Caerphilly and surrounding areas. also having a great relationship with the three 'Comprehensive Schools' and more.. supporting local churches with their youth Christian groups by running 'Discipleship courses' and 'New Leaders' programs.

We are strong believers that with God on our side and working together as

 "One body and many parts" (1 Cor 12:12) we can reach out God's HOPE and SALVATION to so many people.

"When God sees His people working together in unity, He will pour out and special blessing on them" Psalm 133.

Club 707

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