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Notice: Our GCSE Boost will re-start in September

Here at Club 707 Boost we ensure that you can reach your full potential in your work. We assist in core subjects, explaining topics along the way and ensure that you can understand your work and be the best you can be. We run during Term Time Only on Wednesday's at Connect Life Church, Caerphilly. The sessions run for 1 hour, between 16:30 and 17:30. BOOKING IS REQUIRED!
To prepare for one of our sessions, please ensure that:

  • You know what subject you would like support with

  • You bring work or request a topic beforehand

  • You pre-book

Upon you're arrive to Connect Life, our venue, you will need to have you're QR code ready so we can scan you in. After informing a leader that you are here, please find a seat and make yourselves comfortable. Unpack your work ready and begin to complete it. If you need anything to be explained to you, please ask a leader and they will assist you. Please remember that our leaders MUST go around everyone, therefore, you may need to wait a bit for some help.

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